Working on our weakness

There are two schools of thought when it comes to how we approach our weaknesses. One is the intuitive response that most people has – to work on them, to eliminate our weak spots. The alternative is what a lot of literature works from, that we should ignore our weaknesses, and work on our strengths. But how does this transition to our functions? 

First of all, we have to make clear which functions that makes up our weakness. Explained in more detail here, our strong functions are 3D and 4D, while our weak functions are those under 1D and 2D. For an ST, the weak functions would be intuition and feeling, of both attitudes.

Second, we have to take into consideration the premise of how the weaker functions work, compared to the stronger ones. They are limited in their use through the dimensions, at best possible to be used to adapt to the norms around us, and at worst, can only be used through our experiences.

So how does this apply to the way we treat and work on our weakness? The quick and easy answer is that we can’t. Our weak functions are and will always be limited by those dimensions, whatever we try to do with them. With that in mind, focusing on our strengths and developing those, in accordance to what is usually written on the subject, is the best and most effective course of action, since it’s what we actually have the ability to be really good at, the area where we can make an impact.

However, it’s not quite that simple. The first dimension, present in every function, regardless of its position and strength, is that its based on experience. So when we spend time around, or observing, people that are good at our weak functions, our weakness, we learn. We look at how they deal with situations that comes up, and we start to build our library for the function, a formula for how we can use it when we find ourselves in a situation that calls for it. Through this, we can very well get good at our weak functions. So when we’re looking to develop our weak function, the best way is to expose ourselves to people that lives through that function, and to expose ourselves to situations where we have to use it, since this even further builds up on our experience and formula on the function.

Combining this would therefore be the best course of action. Surrounding ourselves with people that use our weak functions (for this, duality and activity relations are the optimal), so that we learn how to use  when needed. But for the sake of making an impact, on working on ourselves, energy should be focused on the strong functions, the ones we are able to adapt and use in a productive manner.


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