What you should work with when you grow up – based on your type

The question of what we want to do when we grow up, what career we want to pursue, is reoccurring throughout our childhood. Even before going to school, parents and older relatives asks this question. At this time, the answer is easy. Whatever got into our head as “cool” the last week, would be the answer to the question. Then, growing up, we have to answer this question several times, whenever we’re choosing direction of our education. But now it’s hard. It’s a question of who we are, what we can provide to the world. So, how can our type give us direction and help with this?

The answer is easy – it doesn’t. Knowing our personality type is good for a lot of things. It can help us understand our thought process, and in depth understand what we provide and gain when we interact with people of different types. Type doesn’t, however, decide what our interests are. It doesn’t decide if we’re gonna be good at academics or not. Nor does it decide whether we will enjoy or be good at a certain job. Because type isn’t based in behaviour or skill.

So what’s the answer to what you should work with, based on your type?
The job you want. It’s that simple.


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