Supervision is, second to conflict the worst intertype relationship. sometimes called relation of social control. It’s an asymmetrical relationship, meaning that each type has one supervisor and one supervisee. The supervisor, the one doing the “controlling”, has the supervisees point of least resistance as their dominant function, and their dominant as creative. So an ENTJ would have an ISTJ as their supervisor, and INFJ as their supervisee.

Supervision has mainly two important aspects. The interaction between point of least resistance and leading function, and between the leading and creative function.

If we start with the point of least resistance, this is probably the most important aspect. As we’ve gone through before, our point of least resistance is something we try to avoid. And when this is the leading function of someone else, it causes a lot of friction. They are in a sense everything we try to avoid. The second aspect is the leading and creative function. The way we view our creative function is like a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. So when someone uses this as their leading function, the main program of how their brain works, we see it as an overkill. It’s a useful function, but that’s all it is.

Combining these two, our supervisee is someone that is relying too much on what we see as nothing but a tool, and can’t even deal with the most basic and most important aspect of life, our leading function. They however, see us, their supervisor, as someone who is still good at their leading function, but also highly skilled in dealing with their weakest spot. This creates a sort of admiration in them, which makes them want to prove themselves to us – which of course, fails, since they try to do that with functions they have easy access to, functions we either are better at than them, or doesn’t care about. Hence the term “social control”.

Again, it should be noted that this is a theoretical extreme. Relations of supervision can still be highly rewarding for both parties.

The “rings” of supervision, with the supervisor > supervisee, looks like this.

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