Socionics Types: Your Role in Society

The inventive alpha family, the revolutionary  beta army, the business and cut-throat culture of gamma, and  the humanism of Delta. For each quadra, there is a certain theme, and through that a specific role for each type in the development or execution their quadra values. So what role does each type play, and how does it work in symbiosis with each other? Of course, those “descriptions” are simplified and generalized, and doesn’t cover all that the type is. But there are themes that runs through each type, based on which information elements they value, and the strength of those. 

Alpha quadra has two specific characteristics, that both play in to create the alpha quadra, and how it can be described and understood. The first is family. More than any other quadra, alpha – because they value both Si and Fe, carries a strong resemblance of a light, comfortable family setting. The other aspect, also necessarily to get a good picture of the quadra, is what’s made up mainly by valuing Ne and Ti. Information, and a free exchange of it, to build up new systems, ideas and ideologies, is essential. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to do what they do best, and possibly what their greatest gift to society is. Now, this can be broken down into more specific types of the quadra, each carrying different characteristics and strength of the functions, giving them different roles within the quadra.

ILE (ENTP) is in a way the beginning of this quadra, and by that the whole socion and society at large. In a way, they are responsible – and well equipped – to come up with and create many of the ideas, systems and ideologies that we base everything on. But this isn’t where the ideology is perfected, this is the mere birth of it. Perfection comes later, though still within the quadra.

LII (INTP) is the one responsible for this. With their acute, intuitive understanding of systems and consistency, taking a holistic look at it and turning it over in their head, they spot inconsistencies and problems with it, and fixes those. Here, the ideology reaches its theoretical perfection.

SEI (ISFJ) isn’t necessarily a part of creating or coming up with the ideas or ideologies, but plays a just as essential role in its birth. Having their strengths in the weak area of the NTs, they create a place where they can work. Being caregivers, they create an environment that is physically pleasing and where a free exchange of raw information and ideas in progress can safely be exchanged, in the optimal circumstances.

ESE (ESFJ) is the matriarch. This is her family. Without this type, the ingenious and creativity of the NTs, the systems they create, would fall away. ESE implements them. Not necessarily themselves, but they have the enthusiasm and the social skills to attract people, whether it’s to a cause or the development of an idea. Not only is the free market of information important to this type, but the free market of energy. The ESE doesn’t necessarily take on the abstract concepts of the NTs themselves, but they are essential for it’s application.

Beta quadra can be likened to an army in many ways, because of the three quadra dichotomies, decisive, merry and aristocratic. The systematization of Ti and focus on power and influence through Se makes the chain of commanding and knowing who does what important. They’re banding together though. They have a, through their aristocracy and Fe, a strong loyalty to the group they’re a part of, the structure they’re in. A third important aspect is their revolutionary nature. The decisive dichotomy is world rejecting and always trying to fight for long term improvement, and with Fe+Ti, this creates a revolutionary attitude. For this, just as in alpha, they have different strengths and roles to play.

SLE (ESTP) in the General and driving force behind the revolution. They are initiating and makes things move forward, always pushing for the next step, the next goal. Commands the troops in the revolution and makes tactical decisions ensuring success.

IEI (INFJ) is in every way necessary to make the work of SLE useful. They are the long term visionaries, the strategists in the revolution. Without them, the revolution would blow up and die out, creating nothing but momentary chaos. Analyses the trends and larger movements, how to make the most out of those.

EIE (ENFJ) is the motivating and charismatic face of the revolution. They make their case in a convincing manner, attracting allies and followers, while simultaneously keeping the spirit of the revolution alive. At the same time, their role borders to that of the IEI. Like no other type in this quadra, they see the potential of what can be done and which fights to pursue.

LSI (ISTP) is the last essential piece of the army. Without them, there wouldn’t be one. They are unmatched in building the system and hierarchy that it consists of, and implementing the effect of the revolution.

Gamma quadra has an unmatched individualism. They have the uttermost respect for self made people, and strongly believes in the idea that anyone, regardless of background or circumstances, should be allowed to pursue their personal ambition. Any limit on this, whether institutional and systematized or by social pressure and hindrance should be met with nothing short of a fight. Because of their individualized and specific webs of connections and friends through Fi, their drive and timing from Se/Ni and their matter-of-fact attitude towards things, their attitude can be summarized in the word “business”. Because of the individualized manner, they are less likely to be found in a “family” or “group” similar to the other quadras, specifically alpha and beta.

ILI (INTJ) is an individualist to the core. With gamma values, Fe point of least resistance, and the reinin dichotomy “negativist”, they are private like no other type. Optimally equipped for a detached analysis through Ni, Te and Ti, this is what they do. Detached, looking from the outside, they analyze and optimize, but unlike the alpha NTs, they don’t primarily do this with systems, ideologies and ideas, but with a more practical flair.

SEE (ESFP) is the complete opposite. Not wasting any time to stand back, analyze and look at things from different angles, they dive in. Through connections, marketing, a knowledge of both people and how to move forward, they are the power catalysts of this quadra, though not as apparent as the SLE, since it’s bent through feeling rather than thinking.

LIE (ENTJ) certainly holds similarities with the SEE. They are just as focused on moving forward, they are energetic and doesn’t want to waste time. But unlike the impulsive SEE that dives straight in, they are strategic, playing a game of chess. They are not, however, passive. Often described as the most dynamic of all types, they are in constant motion, always scanning for the right opportunities and when to execute on them. As strategists and (active) chess players, they put things in motion and leaves it for someone more inclined to take care of it.

ESI (ISFP) is the only thing that, on the rare occasion that they would work together, keeps them grounded. With their Se, Si and distaste for Ne, they are among the most real types of the whole socion, which is required to keep the gamma quadra in check. Especially grounding for their dual, the LIE, keeping them on the right track, both morally and in the sense of business, as well as shutting down their unrealistic business ideas.

Delta quadra slows down the clock. They are the final stage of society, and moves towards retirement. A humanitarian and moral movement unique to this quadra. Though Ne and Fi, they see the person in each human, through Si and Te, they optimize work for a comfortable, settled down life. Practical and businesslike, but still idealistic and moral, they balance this as society settles.

IEE (ENFP) are humanitarian, always looking into the essence of people and ideas. They see the potential of what can be done, either on a personal or impersonal level, always searching for a better society, the opportunity for people around him to realize the potential he knows they have. Energizes the other types of their quadra to work towards the goal they envision.

LSE (ESTJ) puts these ideas into a practical reality. Living in a world of practicality and business, they have both the means and passion to pursue ambitious plans, with their demonstrative Se clearly in play. They are working towards, and realizing, the idea of retirement as a society.

SLI (ISTJ) has, just as the ESI, a grounding effect on their quadra. Where the IEE and EII are pursuing their idealistic ideas, and the LSE are moving forward to achieve their ambitions, the SLI is moderating them, bringing them back to what’s realistic and reasonable.

EII (INFP) characterizes the moral and humanitarian part of delta quadra. In many ways, they can be likened to the faction “abnegation” from the Divergent series. They bring a local, practical type of humanity, lending a hand where they can, to a large extent dismissing the personal advancement that is typical of Se types. Being positivists, leading with Fi-Ne, and in delta quadra, they search for gold in each person – and are often able to find it.


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