Quadra wars – a star wars story

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, people were divided into four factions. Though peaceful on the outside, under the cover of darkness they all fought for complete and utter control over the opposing factions, the upper hand and leading force in the different societies they lived in – all trying to make the values and philosophies of their own faction the one that dominated society. In the political and philosophical sphere, two factions emerged with a seemingly dominant and extraordinary force, their battle being depicted in both educational and fictional entertainment, something that served as a mirror to the covert battle between the two factions. Their names? Beta and Delta… 

Even though both Beta and Delta were aristocratic factions, or quadras (or maybe because of it), they were opposing forces, locked into an eternal battle. While the war was fought in politics and philosophy, the most famous battles and skirmishes were fought on the screen. On arenas like Star Wars and Harry Potter, the Delta quadra managed to get the upper hand, villainizing their opposition.

The opposing forces – the Jedi

On one side of the battle, the faction that in these digital, artificial encounters and information-based strategies comes up on the winning side, we can see the side that might normally be adverse to fighting, but does so to defend their philosophy of life. It’s the Delta quadra, the serious, judicious and aristocratic faction that leads the charge and with the use of on-screen battles and information defends their philosophy, very similar to the values of the Jedi order. One of their most defining traits is that they are judicious, and maybe most clearly the preference for the information element Si. Like the Jedi order and their approach to the force, the Delta quadra merges with the force, living a life of harmony and serenity. The code of the Jedi order; “There is no emotion, there is peace, there is no ignorance, there is knowledge, there is no passion, there is serenity, there is no chaos, there is harmony, there is no death, there is the force” can be seen both as a descriptive and a normative philosophy, one that is supposed to describe the actual state of life, or the desired, optimal state. But in describing the philosophy of this faction, whether it’s descriptive or normative does not matter, it nonetheless fits in with the philosophy of the Delta quadra. Being of a serious quadra and valuing the information element Fi, they view extreme, uncontrolled displays of emotion as dishonorable. Being a judicious quadra, they abhor excessive displays of force and the information element Se, preferring a harmony and balance in life, one that allows them to see each individual and their potential. One of their biggest reasons for this battle between these factions is their approach to the force, to life. The closing words of their code, “there is no death, there is the force, shows how rather than seeing the world as an opposing force, one that has to be controlled and opposed, reality is something you can merge with, adapt to.

There is a peaceful, almost pacifistic idea in the Jedi order, one that translates well to the Delta quadra. Following the words “there is no ignorance, there is knowledge” in their code, the Jedi order and its knights are scholars, and by the nature of the subject they are studying, the force – monks. Their primary occupation is to study, to learn and to meditate. To provide a stability to the planets and solar systems that they belong to, to be an order of philosophy, of knowledge, with a library greater than any other in the galaxy. But they are not push-overs. The Jedi order, these monks and scholars, are warriors. Training in the arts of becoming one with the force that surrounds them, they fight to defend the right of themselves and others to practice this philosophy, and to be free from the influence of the Beta quadra. Their humanitarian and practical nature makes it impossible for them not to take up this fight, for they see their opponents as tyrannical and aggressive, out to fight and even kill only for themselves, a loud, harsh and obnoxious group that promotes raw power and control without any concern for the people and their rights.

The opposing forces – the Sith

To describe this battle, we have to look at how the opposing faction, the Beta quadra and through them the Sith views things. The Delta quadra is limited by their own scope and perspective, so we have to look at the opposing side to get a clear picture. This faction, characterized by being decisive, merry and aristocratic, has an opposing nature to the former. In battle, they are lead by the words of the Sith code; “Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Trough passion, I gain strength, through strength, I gain power, through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The force shall free me.” What really shines through here is their aptitude for power, strength and passion, things that by large are seen in their valued information element Se, as opposed to how their opponents see things. Rather than bending with and adapting to the force and world around them, this faction prefers a way that comes from their willingness to power and strength, and their thirst for victory, namely bending the force and the world to serve their needs. This is one of the main things that sets them apart from their opponents – but there is more. Peace is put as a contrast against passion in the code, and while this is partly explained through their will for power and strength, it is more. Opposed to the Delta quadras precious Fi, this faction prefers a raw, passionate expression of emotions, one that is closely tied to the passion, strength and power that characterizes them.

But there is more. If the Delta quadra wants to protect the planets and solar systems that they belong to, can’t they be left to do just that? No, these two factions are locked into an eternal battle, because the Beta faction is expansive. There is a contempt towards the present moment – and while Delta quadra wants to improve things too, they do so in a much milder, calmer and more peaceful change, one that goes against everything Beta believes in. Further, we have the closing statement of their code to take into consideration, The force shall free me”This isn’t about merging with some abstract, vague force they can imagine. No, it’s about how using and bending force and power to expand and to revolutionize will fulfill and set them free. By their nature, they can’t let things be, especially not in the status quo that they see as the ruling state in the other faction, where Delta rules through tending to each individual, seeing their potential, without considering how society at large must move forward, and does so through leaps and revolutions.

A hope of peace? 

While these battles are destructive, we cannot hope for peace until one faction is entirely wiped out. Their opposing nature would make it impossible for them to – even though they need each other – coexist in perfect harmony. Their dominating philosophies stand in direct conflict, with competent generals, philosophers, tacticians and warriors on both sides. Complete peace and harmony between the factions seem far fetched.

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