Mirror is the relationship between an extravert and introvert that shares ego functions, i.e. an ENFP and INFP. They’re in the same quadra, and because of having the same functions in their ego (and the rest of the blocks), they have a very similar thought process. It’s therefore a very positive relationship, but just as all other ones, it has clear downsides.

First of all, and an essential detail in a close relationship, they have the same weaknesses. And while an ENFP is slightly better at Se and Te than an INFP, for whom it is the greatest weakness, it’s still lacking in sophistication. So even if they can help us a little with our weakest spot, they can never fully “fix” it or deal with it in a satisfying way (especially regarding our super-id).

On a more positive note, they are both in the same quadra and club (ST, NT, NF, SF), which makes the relationship very effortless. There is an intuitive understanding of how the other person thinks, even if there are slight differences. They are seeking the same thing, ignoring the same thing.

The negative side of the relationship is that switch in functions. Even though their ego consists of the same functions, one lead with the other person’s creative function. Again, using ENFP and INFP as an example for this, the ENFP has Ne as their leading function. It’s what they base their lives around. INFPs on the other hand has this as their creative function, a highly valued tool but a tool nonetheless. This can create tension between them, and a competition, each person trying to prove that their version is the superior one.

It’s a relationship characterized by good understanding and good communication, but may fall on both parties trying to teach, influence and change the other person.

The relationship is between:


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