Mirage is the intertype relationship between types with the same dominant function, but different attitudes (such as Ti and Te), and sharing the axis on their creative-mobilizing axis. An example of this would be INFJ and ENTP. According to Keirsey, this is the optimal relationship for irrational types, ie those that leads with S or N. It’s one of the more neutral relationships, with clear strengths and weaknesses.

Starting with the negatives, the leading function of one party is the ignored function of the other. For an INFJ, the ENTP would ignore every subjective, introverted aspect intuition in favour of an objective assessment. So the first negative is that they ignore the function we live and breathe. The second downside of this relationship is our dual-seeking function. For an INFJ, their DS is Se, which the ENTP doesn’t care about, and can only engage in through short periods of time. Since they can’t provide our dual-seeking, and doesn’t even value the function, we feel that this area, one of our most sensitive and valued ones, lacks the attention we want for it.

So onto the positives. The creative and mobilizing functions match, where our mobilizing function is their creative. Since mobilizing is a function that activates us, and hence we want help with it, a partner using this function is great. However, the strength here lies in that it’s the creative rather than lead function. If there’s too much exposure to it, we grow tired of it. Since it’s the tool of the other person though, rather than their main program, this won’t happen. The possibly biggest strength of it is how they deal with our point of least resistance. The PoLR of an INFJ is Te, which an ENTP has as their demonstrative function, an unconscious, strong background process. Through this, the other person can help us deal with the area we’re most threatened by, without pushing it on us. They naturally deal with this but doesn’t care about it, which is what we prefer when someone deals with our PoLR.

At start, the relationship often looks ideal, like duality, but a while into the relationship, you start seeing how it differs. At this point, compromise and communication is important to make the the relationship work, more so than other relationships.


The ITR is between:

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