Identity is the relationship between two persons of the same type. Sharing every reinin dichotomies, every aspect in Model A, their thought process is very similar – which causes both pros and cons.

The advantages in this relationship are obvious, there is a kind of understanding that isn’t reached in any other combination. We easily understand how the other person reached their conclusion, even if it’s one that we don’t necessarily agree with, and communication is effortless.

However, it has downsides as well. It can easily become too similar, too boring, too predictable. Another downside is growth. Since the two types are the same, they have the same strengths, cognitively. Because of this, they don’t help each other to grow and develop in the same way that other intertype relationships.

Since there are no clear differences in strength of valued functions, it’s an easy, simple relationship, but because of the same reason, it doesn’t provide the same growth and potential as other ones.

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