Gamma quadra

The third quadra, gamma, consists of ENTJ/LIE, INTJ/ILI, ESFP/SEE and ISFP/ESI, or the types that values Te/Fi and Se/Ni.

This is the quadra of adulthood, long term thinking and focused on business, serious is personal and professional life. Focused on efficiency and individualism, they appreciate close, loyal relationships and ambitious people.

There are, just as the other quadras, three important dichotomies to consider. The first one, the dichotomy that they share with beta, decisive (Se/Ni). This dichotomy makes an essential part of gamma, namely their focus on direct and clear communication, in relationships and business. Here, as in any other context, they prefer to tackle a problem head on rather than to walk around it and think. An obstacle is an obstacle, and it has to be passed. Because of this, they are also energized by a challenge, and highly values their ability to deal with it. But this doesn’t mean that they pick every battle they can. This dichotomy is also about picking the time and place for a fight, and they has the ability to pick the best possible situation for when to exercise their strength of will. They are, just as betas, not content with the situation as it is, and tries their hardest to confront and change reality according to a long-term vision.

The second dichotomy, one they share with delta, is serious. Through valuing Te and Fi, they are highly appreciative of efficiency and a pragmatic approach, and carries this over to their personal relationships as well. They aren’t focused on group identity, or even see their groups of friends as a group, but for them, personal relationships is a web of connections, which may or may not form a group. But even if they do, it’s an accidental, temporary group consisting of several personal connections. And since they are so focused on the personal connections, loyalty and trustworthiness is highly important here. Because of this focus on personal loyalty (note that it’s not as in beta quadra a loyalty to a hierarchy or system, but personal loyalty), they tend to keep people at arms length until they’ve proven themselves. Has a strong focus on how they can make things better and more effective, again both in business and personal relationships.

The last dichotomy is one that they share with alpha, that they are a democratic quadra, with feeling blocked with sensing. Through this, they has a focus on horisontal relationships rather than the vertical and hierarchical approach of the beta quadra, where they have the opportunity to interact with anyone and try out their ideas, trying to realise their potential.

In the role of society, gamma takes over after the authoritative, hierarchical beta quadra, and makes place for an era focused on productivity and business, where ambition and pragmatism plays a big role. If anything, the current corporate world is a good example of a gamma context. Other good examples drawn to their extreme would be the TV series House of Cards and Suits. Personal ambition combined with a pragmatic cunning is typical of gamma quadra.

Gammas are described to have a complex of tied hands. As they are characterized by the personal ambition, they highly dislike people that stands in the way for this. And as such, they feel personally insulted when someone distrusts their ability to make decisions and move forward in such a context. Running errands is very untypical for this quadra, and one of the worst things that could happen to them is to be restricted from making use of this ambition and will, to be imprisoned and robbed of their ability to act in a way to move forward.

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