Function blocks

Function blocks are a more generalised way of looking at the stack in a type, as well as explaining why the Ti looks different in an INTP and ISTP, or why Fi looks different in ESTJs and ENTJs. There are four different blocks, each holding certain characteristics of our attitude towards the functions in that area.

First we have the ego. This is the main block, and what we define as our “self”. It consists of our two first functions, dominant and auxiliary. It’s an area we’re strong and confident in, and because of this, usually aren’t bothered by critique. It’s conscious, valued and skilled, our go-to response. We trust our skill and ability in it, and aren’t concerned with what other people thinks about it. It’s easy to verbalize and explain, and are often the most obvious functions to an observer.

Then there’s the id. This is another, just as strong block, consisting of our ignoring and demonstrative function, the same function but opposite attitude of our ego functions. It’s a strength we’re unaware of, outside of our control. We don’t give much credit to those functions, and see them as boring to focus on. Useful sometimes, but boring and in themselves meaningless. Not aware of the process that takes place, but can only be retraced afterwards.

Now the weaker blocks. One of those is the super-ego. These functions, role and PoLR, for an INTP being Se and Fi, are both weak and conscious. Because of this, we are painfully aware of our lack in those areas. When it’s commented on by other people, we usually perceive it as ill-willed. When pressured by external circumstances, we usually indulge in the functions for a short period of time, but as its in direct opposition to our ego, using it is draining and takes our energy.

The last block, still weak, is the super-id. This consists of our tertiary and inferior functions, and is highly valued. We prefer to leave the use of those functions to people around us, as it’s a weak spot for us. But it’s important to us, so if no one close to us will do this, we try our best to do it ourselves. However, since those are weak functions, it usually ends up either under- or overcompensating for the situation, which is why this should be left to other people. And if it is, we are free to focus on our ego functions, which is what we both prefer and are best at.

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