Delta quadra

The fourth quadra, delta, consists of ESTJ/LSE, ISTJ/SLI, INFP/EII and ENFP/IEE, or the types that values Te/Fi and Ne/Si.

This is the oldest quadra, with a personal and charitable approach to the world. They are curious and interested in the unusual, cherishing the small wonders, while still being serious about their relationships.

The first dichotomy is judicious, which they share with alpha. Since they value Ne and Si, they are appreciative of the strange an unusual, focused on the potential and possible outcome of something. The straightforward and clear is boring to them, and they prefer to look beyond this, beyond the observable. Situations where they can sit and discuss different perspectives and possibilities are highly appreciated, where they can mentally explore and widen their perspective. Because of their focus on the potential and inner “essence” of something, they are also focused on what little wonders they can find in everyday life. Highly appreciative of a comfortable, calm atmosphere where things are harmonic, running soft and smoothly. They are focused on making their environment and living as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The second dichotomy, serious, is one they share with gamma. Even though they focus on potential and can often be seen as dreamy, they are highly appreciative of pragmatism and efficiency in working, looking how things can be improved. Always trying to educate both themselves and other people, looking for growth both in people and situations. They are also, just as gamma, focused on their personal relationships and focusing on if a person is “good enough” for them. These personal bonds are very important for them, and this is how they form a group of friends.

The third dichotomy is one they share with beta. But aristocracy looks extremely different in the two quadras. Deltas still has a focus on group identity, but rather than being based on external and observable qualities and hierarchy, it’s based on inner qualities. Since deltas are both serious and judicious, they are highly focused on the inner qualities, the “essence” of what a person is, and uses this for their aristocratic tendencies, to see themselves as in or outside a group, and using generalising words to describe the different groups, and themselves as a part of those.

In society, delta has the “concluding” role. They come after gamma, changing the cut-throat business-like, power seeking attitude towards a forgiving, gentle, and charitable society, focused on personal growth the potential of people. As an example for this quadra, there’s not much that beats Disney. Their movies are typically characteristic of delta quadra. Another typical example of delta the Jedi order from Star Wars, characterized of their harmonizing attitude towards their environment, their general distrust of pure and unchecked ambition and use of violence, striving towards fulfilling your inner potential, and become your “destiny”.

The inner potential of someone is very important for the delta quadra, combining all three of the dichotomies. They are sometimes called the “free spirits”, which very clearly names one of their most important values. They need to be free to explore and pursue their creative ideas, their relationships, growth, and to reach that inner potential that they have. Restrictions of this is very offensive for a delta, who always wants to go where that inner potential would take them.

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  1. Hey, I’ve found these articles extremely helpful for understanding the quadras. They are the first I’ve found that explain things step by step and give easy to understand examples.

    And especially the images- like they have so much personality in each character, I feel like I really get the overall vibe on the quadra. Do you mind me asking where you found them? Like, who drew them? They are so good and I’ve been curious for ages.

    1. Thank you!

      I don’t, actually. I found them when I started blogging, and I don’t know the artist – unfortunately.

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