The contrary relationship is between types that share the exact same functions, but different attitudes. They are also from the opposite quadra, and share the “club”, or the two middle letters, with each other. A relationship that in one-on-one can work fairly well, but faces issues when brought out into the open. 

Because of the similarity in clubs, this relationship, for example between an LIE and an LII, they tend to get along fairly well, often with shared interests. Another thing to note is the interaction between the creative and demonstrative function. Both of them are strong, almost effortless, and people aren’t usually insecure about them. Beyond that, the creative function is one that is used in a fairly casual and playful way, for whatever purpose fits best, and the demonstrative function is known not to be taken seriously, and something we use to ridicule and play games with, which makes the interaction between the two positive. For example, the interaction between an LIE and an LII would be very NT based, playing around with intuition (and thinking).

It gets harder when more people are introduced to the group though. With a big difference in approach and valued functions, they inevitably clash when put against each other, something that easily happens when something disturbs the balance. Here, we will have a situation where one tries to focus on and impose the way of their dominant function, the other ones ignoring function. Further, the point of least resistance of one type is the mobilizing, hidden agenda of the other, both a bold and a valued function, something they take a lot of pride in expressing.

It can be a fun relationship, and definitely one of growth, seeing the other side of the coin. But at the same time, being the other side of the coin, it’s often hard to relate and see things from their point of view, something that is essential to get along with someone in the long term.

This ITR is between:

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