Beta quadra

The second quadra, beta, consists of ENFJ/EIE, INFJ/IEI, ESTP/SLE and ISTP/LSI, or the types that values Fe/Ti and Se/Ni.

Beta is described as a youthful, teenage quadra, with a revolutionary and ideological attitude. They are not afraid to fight for what they believe in, which often results in a societal change. They are merry, decisive and aristocratic.

The first dichotomy of interest, merry, is one that they share with alpha, so Fe and Ti. This makes them appreciative of a light emotional atmosphere with the opportunity to have a friendly exchange of emotions. They have a clear ideology, which they, since they are decisive (which we will get to later) readily defends and enforces. They feel belonging to a group, and highly values this, often showing great loyalty to it.

The second important dichotomy is decisive, or Se/Ni. This makes betas value a context where people are direct and to the point, not lingering on several different ways of doing something before taking action. They are usually ok with conflicts, and sees it as an effective and useful way to move forward. It is also important for them to keep an eye on the greater good, on the meaning of their actions. They are unlikely to move forward and put resources and energy on something that doesn’t have a, what they perceive as, higher purpose. All of this results in a dissonance and dissatisfaction with the world and the situation they are in, wanting to confront and change reality and the current situation. Often rejects the comfort and luxury of the present to move towards the goal they set out.

The last dichotomy that is important to note is aristocracy, which they share with delta, since both of those quadras has feeling blocked with intuition. This makes them highly focused on groups, and tends to identify themselves and other people as part of (or lack of) a group. Combined with being both merry and decisive, this gives betas a very clear us vs them mentality, and are usually very vocal and imposing of this trait.

In the role of society, beta takes over after alpha. As a reaction to alpha and their light, democratic attitude, a more revolutionary attitude. A concept of aristocracy, a focus on groups is introduced. A typical example of a society like this is, again from ancient Greece, is Sparta. An aristocratic society where the ruling class is undisputed in power, and their entire society builds on a philosophy to be better and stronger than their enemies. Other examples is the countless people that fought, through violence or pacifism, to move towards a new era, or the concept of big, aristocratic or theocratic empires.

Since the group and hierarchy is such an important concept for the betas, so is their position in this hierarchy. They are highly focused on the chain of command, etiquette and protocol, and a disrespect or disobedience for position, rank and the hierarchy is frowned upon. Because of this, they are usually afraid of being without their honour and dignity, or to be thrown out of the circle, without right and rank.

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  1. good article, really captures the fight-and struggle atmosphere of the betas

    imo, these would be the general mbti to socionics type correlation:

    EIE: ENFJ, ENFP, sometimes INFP


    SLE: ESTP, ENTJ, sometimes ESTJ

    IEI: INFP, sometimes INFJ

    1. Thank you!
      I’d say that the types translates, being the same system as MBTI, only approached from a different angle. So LSI (Ti-Se) would be ISTP in MBTI. I definitely get where you’re coming from though.

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