Alpha quadra

The first quadra, alpha, consists of ESFJ/ESE, ISFJ/SEI, INTP/LII and ENTP/ILE, or the types that values Fe/Ti and Ne/Si.

This is described as the youngest quadra, mentally compared to children. This does not mean that alpha types are mentally incapable, quite the opposite. What it tries to get at, is a light and curious quadra, that are mentally exploring ideas, and searching for an environment where they can do that freely.

Starting with the judicious dichotomy, or valuing Ne and Si, alphas are interested in the unusual. They appreciate people and environments that allows them to explore different options and try out ideas that pop into their minds. They are focused on the potential of things, not mainly concerned with what an object is, but what it can be. It’s a child’s curiosity, looking at everything around them for the first time, admiring and in awe of their surroundings. They are highly appreciative of a calm,  comfortable environment, and a quality and harmony of the present. Living in and “with” life, appreciating the moment and its possibilities.

The second dichotomy of interest is that alpha are merry types. This is the preference for Ti and Fe, and shows as a preference for consistent ideas and a merry, enjoyable atmosphere. In their social group, they highly prefer a consistent and shared ideology and basic outlook on life. Searching for a group to belong to, they readily move on and switch to another group if they find one that is better, according to both their judicious standard, and that of a free expression of ideas and a consistent ideology. Another aspect of this is their want for a light atmosphere, where an uplifting and positive attitude with a shared ideology is the standard.


The third important dichotomy to understand this quadra is democracy, which they share with the gamma quadra (both quadras has ethics (feeling) blocked with sensing). Alphas doesn’t focus on, or feel a specific belonging to a group, but rather on individual characteristics and what can be applied to them as a person. Combining this with the merry dichotomy gives them an inclusive attitude when it comes to groups, inviting and welcoming, as long as the newcomers upholds the atmosphere and general ideology of the group.

In the role of society, alpha is the fresh start. It’s a democratic, free society with an openness for ideas and opinions. I’d like to compare it to Athens in ancient Greece, a (relatively) inclusive society where the expression of ideas is encouraged and even essential to build the society, but a distance is held to other city states with extremely different and opposing ideologies, such as Sparta (beta).

Alpha is a quadra focused on information. They are open to information, and expects information to be open to them, easily accessible. They have a need to be able to both make their opinions and ideas understood, and to defend their standpoints. The opportunity to take part of needed and wanted information is essential to this quadra, which makes them highly disapproving of secrecy, censorship or people hiding their true nature or intentions. Driving them out of society, out of the opportunity to discuss, express and receive response on their ideas and opinions, is a harsh punishment.


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